Theta Healing training, Alberta

Where will your healing take you

Create a life full of joy, happiness and abundance. Clear blocks and beliefs that hold you back. Find purpose to your life. Love yourself. Forgive yourself and others. Eliminate stress. Heal yourself from regrets, resentments and rejection. Live without depression. Heal and understand relationships. Attract your soulmate. Discover your divine purpose. Release karma and ancestral obligations. Understand why things are happening as they do. Release fears, phobias and anxiety


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ThetaHealing Session - $115

With a ThetaHealing session you will work to determine where you are blocked on an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level and then discover where the pattern originated: Core, genetic, historical or soul level.

Spirit Animal Journey - $115

From the moment of your creation, your own personal Spirit Animal has walked by your side. Be reunited with your Spirit Animal after a drumming session that takes you on a journey of the underworld. Your journey is sacred and full of messages and insight as to who you are.

Medical Intuitive - $115

Every disease and disorder has its own belief system. Toxic thoughts, emotions and feelings have a direct impact upon your physical health. Letting go of negative patterns and changing your mindset can be a huge value to creating a healthier and happier you.. .